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Technology Partners

As our clients grow, their needs grow, especially in this rapidly evolving world of technology and complex business needs. DataNet does not profess to have capabilities in every area and, thus, we strategically partner with organizations to be able to deliver more to our clients. Some of our key partners are listed below. If you would like to work with DataNet as a partner, please contact us.

Focus on U! is one of the leading experts for the government for usability technology. Their team of usability engineers uses research studies and user-centric processes to ensure that websites and information systems are easier to use.
Among Ventech's many solutions, one is its Centerpoint Education Portal System that enhances communication between parents and educators and addresses technology, curriculum, content, and testing.
Newgen Software has a series of business process, enterprise content, workflow, and operational risk management solutions that have been implemented globally. Newgen is also the fastest implementer of workflow and document management technology: globally.
Joomla is one of the most popular open source web content management systems available. Its solution is inexpensive and easy to use and has a global community of components and developers.
Hughes Network Systems, LLC is the world's leading provider of broadband satellite services, terrestrial technologies, networks, and products for enterprises, governments, small and large businesses, and consumers.
FutureNet Group is a rapidly growing environmental technology company that uses innovative technology and associated engineering services to provide professional turnkey solutions in the environmental and construction industries.
Microsoft, a global leader in software technologies, enables organizations such as DataNet to deploy Microsoft programs such as programming languages, operating systems, servers, and Office applications.
Kentico is the only fully integrated ASP.NET CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform that allows you to create cutting-edge websites, and fully optimize your digital customers’ experiences across multiple channels. Kentico saves you time and resources so you can accomplish more.




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