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Case Studies

Project: Web Portal and Electronic Reporting & Filing System
Client: DC Office of Campaign Finance

Solution Provided by DataNet:
DataNet Systems Corporation was awarded this contract to develop a website portal integrated with web-based application modules for the DC Office of Campaign and Finance (DCOCF). The website portal seamlessly integrates various applications such as electronic filing and reporting system; document scanning, indexing, and retrieval system; and online report publishing system.
  • The electronic filing system facilitates online submission of reports of receipts and expenditures made by political candidates, principal campaign committees, political action committees, senators and representatives, lobbyists, elected officials, and citizen-service Program.
  • Document scanning, indexing, and retrieval system facilitate the scanning of hardcopy reports of all the contributions and expenditures submitted by the different types of filers to the DCOCF, its indexing, and easy retrieval of scanned images to be displayed in adobe PDF format.
  • Online report publishing system which enables OCF staff to generate, preview, and publish various reports of contributions and expenditures for all the different types of filers in adobe PDF directly to the website for public viewing.

Technical and Development aspects of the Website:
  • The entire project lifecycle was executed based on state-of-the-art industry standard practices and guidelines that include requirements generation, analysis and definition; system design specification, implementation, testing, deployment, training, documentation, and helpdesk support.
  • The system was designed using a scalable distributed architecture and modular design for developing various modules in the system.
  • Technologies used on this project include ASP, VB, SQL Server 2000, and SHTML.
  • Development platform consists of Visual Studio 2000, SQL server 2000, and Dreamweaver 8.0
  • Section 508 standards and W3C Priority 1-3 accessibility guidelines were followed for section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and usability compliance on the agency web portal. The accessibility suite included complete HTML validation, custom and standards based testing.
  • Various modules were developed and seamlessly integrated within the website application portal, including
    • Login module for secure and password protected authentication,
    • Receipts and expenditure modules for different OCF form sets
    • Administration module for registration of various filers by the OCF,
    • Letter and mail merge module
    • Crystal reports module for pre-defined reports,
    • Reports Publishing module for automatically publishing various reports in adobe portable document format directly to the website, and
    • Imaging module for scanning, indexing and retrieval of paper based filings.
    • Web-casting module for online training and education, through a simulated report filing process using the production system which is web-cast to enable viewers to preview the filing system and its applicable schedules.






Department of Education - IPEDS DataNet overhauled the IPEDS website to increase site usability

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