A new DataNet initiative involves a collaboration with healthcare experts to use IT to establish systems for fraud, waste, and abuse detection and control. In the U.S. healthcare system, particularly in areas such as Medicaid, claims or services are paid inappropriately, leading to a misuse of taxpayer funds.

In the area of fraud, waste, and abuse, DataNet builds on such experience as EPSDT tracking systems, Medicaid management information systems, and HIV/AIDS data management to create systems that focus on review, detection, audit, recovery, training and outreach. Such custom-developed systems or COTS solutions may include:

  • Database engineering support services in support of data mining and analytics
  • Risk assessment and report generation services
  • Quality Assurance/Testing
  • Security services
  • Health quality metrics
  • Web-based fraud, waste, and abuse detection systems

DataNet works in the interest of government and institution programs to provide innovative healthcare IT support in the elimination of fraud, waste, and abuse.