Minneapolis LIMS is a comprehensive, enterprise web application that serves as an electronic repository of legislative and policy-related documents produced by the City of Minneapolis.  It enables users to search, filter, review, retrieve, and print information about the actions taken by City Council.  LIMS supports the City’s strategic goal to improve the accessibility and transparency of City government. Features include Agenda Creation and Publishing, Legislative Workflow, Boards and Commissions etc.,

Overall Workflow 

Key Features

Agenda Management

Sophisticated Agenda Management system enabling the creation of agenda using approved items submitted by Departments. Advanced UI featuring drag/drop, sort, keyword filtering functionalities to choose items to be included in agenda. 

Agenda items can be edited on the Agenda creation screen which will be reflected in the Legislative files. Agenda can be exported to word as a whole or by selected Committee.


Meeting Minutes

Advanced UI to record actions taking during Committee/Council Meetings. Actions can be taken against section, file or at the item level. Committee reports can be created out of the meeting minutes by exporting them into word format.  Actions are published to the website within 2 hours after the meeting ends.

Allows adding new items that were not part of the original agenda. 



Boards and Commissions

Manage Boards and Commissions, seats, vacancies, allowing public users to apply for a vacancy. Approved appointments can be imported into LIMS for approval by the Council. Includes a separate Agenda management functionality for Boards and Commissions.