DataNet was selected by the DC Metropolitan Police Department to create the additional services below to be added to their existing e-Commerce website. 

1. Public Reports

The public reports module helps the citizens obtain police reports electronically. The module is integrated with PayPal for accepting online payments.

2. Gun License Renewal

Using the module, the DC residents can renew their Gun License, update their contact information, or cancel their gun registration online.

DataNet Systems created an e-Procurement System for the DC Public Service Commission to manage the approval workflow of procurements within the Public Service Commission. The system includes multi-level approval workflow and digital signatures. Supports role-based dashboards for a quick snapshot and approvals/review of procurements.

DataNet Systems created e-Invoice System for DC Public Service Commission and the Office of the People's Counsel. This system enables the users to manage approval and tracking of invoices within the Organization. This system includes the following modules.

  1. Vendor Registration and Approval: Vendors can register online to create login to submit their invoices
  2. Vendor invoice submission: Vendors can submit their invoices online and obtain email notification when their invoices are approved
  3. Digital Signature: The system includes an advanced digital signature module that allows the invoice approvers/reviews to add digital stamps to the desired location on the invoice within the browser.
  4. Workflow: The system supports multilevel workflow 
  5. Contracts Management: The admin users will be able to add contracts/purchase orders to the system and track them. The invoices are integrated with the contract enabling the users to track the balance in the contract 
  6. Excel-based reports: all the invoices/contracts can be exported to excel

DataNet System created the Non-Personnel Expenditure Management System an internal web application that enables the DC Council to track Non-Personnel Expenditures by the Offices within the Council. The system includes dashboards to get a quick snapshot of the burn-rate of budgeted amounts. The system captures multiple expenditure categories like Petty Cash Expenditures, Purchase Orders, Postage, Direct Vouchers, P-Card transactions and Cell phone charges. The System supports import of Purchase Orders from Excel and import of telephone charges from XML files. The system also includes generation of NPS report in excel format and an ad-hoc reporting system.