DataNet has over 15 years of experience in implementing and enhancing e-Filing Systems for the DC Office of Campaign Finance, DC Board of Ethics and Government Accountability and DC Public Service Commission. Our e-Filing Systems have the following features.


Campaign Finance Filing and Reporting System

This comprehensive e-Filing System was created for the DC Office of Campaign Finance. It helps Political Committees to report their campaign Contributions and Expenditures. The functionalities include:

  • Online Filing of Registration Statements and approval module
  • Reporting of Contributions and Expenditures by Political Committees
  • Variety of reports for the public - ranging from a high-level overview of contributions and expenditures to more detailed reports including data download
  • Advanced reporting and notification system for the administrators

… And many more. Contact us for more information.


e-Docket System – for Courts and Public Service Commissions

This is a web application created for the DC Public Service Commission to manage Dockets submitted by the utility companies and the general public. Salient features of this application include:

  • User Registration and approval
  • Comprehensive administration module to manage filings  
  • An easy to use search module for the general public

… And many more. Contact us for more information.