DataNet developed a customized Sharepoint-based application for the DC Council’s Office of the Secretary to manage the lifecycle of various types of legislation (bills, resolutions, Contracts, etc.). Includes an advanced Legislative search module for the public and a variety of reports including adhoc reporting for the administrators. Also includes an advanced search for the public users with the option to search through pdf documents.


Legislative Search

DataNet has designed a layer on top of SharePoint using Lucene Search engine to enable efficient search through Legislative information and supporting files. This public module features a simple interface for keywords based search as well an advanced search option to search using multiple filters. Click to learn more.


The DC LIMS provide the public with an API with a wide range of functions to query the DC LIMS database. LIMS also supports bulk download of Legislative data in JSON format. 


The life-cycle of all the legislation is managed using this module. Includes a mini workflow system for approval of legislation before publishing. The main features include and not limited to the following

  • Legislation Approval
  • Memo Generation
  • Mayoral and Congressional letter export to word
  • Management of Congressional Calendars and automated process to update in-session dates and projected law dates
  • Adhoc reporting
  • Scan and OCR functionality
  • Variety of Reports